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LuAnimated! is a library written in Lua, and especially designed for developers using LuaPlayer API on SonyPSP.
It can be easily ported to many other platforms by replacing drawing procedure in the proper library defined functions code.
You can easily design nice animations by loading spritesheets, tilesets, charsets ... in one command and make them loop, play once ...

A simple usage example

require 'LuAnimated'

-- Assuming 'explosion.png' is a spritesheet with 96x96 sprites
local animLoop = Animation (Image.load('explosion.png'),96,96,0.5,'loop') -- Create a looping animation

while true do	

	animLoop:draw(480/2-animLoop:getWidth()/2, 272/2-animLoop:getHeight()/2) -- draws the animations centered on the screen


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